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Are you tired of spending all your time wrenching on your car at the track instead of enjoying yourself?  Tired of filling bottles and breaking stuff?  Has the rest of your division been leaving you behind (too slow)?  Our big-block Chevy-based T/S and T/D engine packages will get you to the front of the pack without having to fix it after every pass!

Our T/S and T/D engine packages are designed to provide you from 150-200+ passes before a refresh.  This comes from 20+ years specializing in the centrifugal and turbocharged engine platforms.  All of our engines are customizable for most any chassis/platform, and include everything you need to make it work properly.  We provide EFI instruction and training here at our location, datalog review/adjustments, and additional track-side support is available as well.  We can provide you with two or three different power-level tune-ups without having to make a mechanical change!

TOP SPORTSMAN / TOP DRAGSTER - 540" ProCharger - 2,000-2,750HP

  • DART Big M Iron block - STEVE MORRIS race-prep machining
  • Callies Magnum crankshaft
  • Billet aluminum connecting rods
  • Custom DIAMOND piston package
  • Custom STEVE MORRIS solid-roller camshaft
  • MOREL / ISKY bushing lifters
  • Custom BRODIX HEAD HUNTER (conventional) cylinder heads - STEVE MORRIS CNC porting and chamber, hoops, valvetrain
  • Stainless Steel rocker arm system
  • Custom STEVE MORRIS billet valve covers
  • Custom STEVE MORRIS billet intake manifold (single, dual, or triple injectors/cyl available)
  • ProCharger F3R-136 and ProCharger gear drive system with accessory drive for mechanical fuel pump
  • Custom Aeromotive spur gear pump, fuel filter system, and regulator
  • HOLLEY EFI or FUELTECH EFI system with wiring harnesses, sensors, coil-near-plug ignition
  • Engine dyno calibration with two or three different power levels

Prices Start at $89,900 Turn Key with Power adder and EFI system with dyno base tune

Lots of options and upgrades are available - call for more  information!