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Superchargers, Kits, & Parts

Superchargers, Kits, & Parts


Steve Morris Engines is the place for cutting-edge development of supercharged engines.  Years of experience and continual testing makes Steve Morris Engines the leader in supercharger engines and engine kits!  We can pass this on to you in the form of all our kits!


When you combine any of our supercharger, engine and carb/EFI kits, you will get proven parts and service for actual ProCharger racers.  We don't race circle-track or anything else.  We race supercharger combinations, we help with tuning, chassis set up, converters, gearing, fuel systems, everything we learn at the drag strip we pass on to you!  


Do you already have an existing ProCharger?  Are you looking to maximize power output?  Steve Morris Engines has the answer - the PRO-VOLUTE!  This series of internal and external modifications enhance the blowers output for the ultimate in power !


ProCharger Superchargers

Vortech Superchargers

Blow Off Valves

Gear Drive

A gear drive system for your ProCharger ensures maximum efficiency and NO MORE BELT REPLACEMENTS!

Supercharger Gear Drive System

Custom Mounting Brackets

Supercharger Conversion Kits

Converting from nitrous or naturally-aspirated to supercharged?

We receive plenty of calls from people asking what it takes to successfully convert from either an N/A or nitrous combination to supercharged for their street car/weekend racer.  These kits are designed to take all the guesswork out of it!  We have spent many years perfecting our combinations so you have a positive experience when entering the world of forced inductions.

As always - we have many different options and upgrades.  If you don't see what you are after, please contact us @ 231-743-3422 or