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This is Part 4 of Camshaft tech,
4 days ago
Here is Part 4 of camshafts It was pointed out that I started to babble a little bit, sorry if that is the case. remember some things I say someone else may have no clue or never heard.
4 days ago
Part 3 Camshafts 1) For some of you, you may already know some of these things. 2) All things work together, so time on the cam core size IS important and does matter, and a lot of people do not know about it. 3) I am not and CAN NOT give you some magic formula on how to pick out your perfect cam in 5 mins. There is no way, there is no program, there is nothing other than Experience, trial and error to find the best for your application. Experience can get real close, trial and error gets things the best.
5 days ago

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The team at Steve Morris Engines has a simple philosophy: Always make things better, always improve and always provide the best service and support in the industry.

Each year we prioritize and build less than 100 exclusive full-custom engines. Our priority is the relationship we forge with our customers through engines, many of whom have been with us for decades.

Our engines are tailored to the client, making each individual build and tune as unique as its owner.

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We start with a conversation on concept, goals and aspirations for the build; taking a holistic approach in the build. Our many years of builds have given us an opportunity to maximize returns for clients in manners they may not have previously considered.

Throughout the build, with regular updates and conversation our customers are always connected and involved with their build. And once completed and delivered, we continue to offer service and support for their product.

Our tuning process is in-depth and bespoke for each customer. We believe in testing and optimizing the engines we build. When faced with ever-increasing power output from our engine combinations, we set forth to improve our testing equipment. With our in-house prototype development and CNC machining capabilities, we developed and constructed our engine dyno to meet the rigorous demands. As a result we now have the capability to (engine) dyno tune engines that exceed 4,500 horsepower. Read more

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