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Be good and some day it may come back to you. This is my Uncle Marty that did a lot for me when I was a kid. My uncle bought this truck new in 1978. It had been sitting outside on flat tires for 8 years.
1 month ago
3145 at 30 PSI Q16 2161 AT 17 PSI and 93 octane! For a total combined HP of 5306 The winner is Brian Konczyk from face book
1 month ago
Guess the power on this engine. watch video for engine details. power at 17PSI and 93 octane. power at 30PSI and Q16 fuel. best over all guess wins a hoodie, shirt or hat. Results Monday the 21st
1 month ago
54,000 HP Just in SMX engines, Does not include the other 30 LS, BBC, SBF, BBF , And Hemi engines on the floor right now!!
1 month ago
Vito's 481X still climbing at 9000 RPM!
1 month ago
Schaller Hydro Planes Limited Hydro Plane Engine development Many Thanks to Fuel Tech and Billet Atomizer
2 months ago

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