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You Build It Series

You Build It Series

Do you want to build your own engine, but you don't know where to start?
Do want to save some money?
There is NO extra charge for doing a You Build It Series.

You Build It Series! You Build It Series Pro!

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I will have a bunch of new news coming soon on this.
3 days ago
Well, first pass out went 4.05 120 mph lifting because it did not shift. Figured that out, went back out and still missed our shifts bad and went a 4.04 Figured that out again, lol went out again and power wheelied, got kn the bars really hard around 80 ft shook tires so hard it broke the rear end. Put new third member in it, changed my tune up to get it off the bars so hard made it about 120 foot and then got on the bars so hard it shook the tires again and came back with a broke tranny. Race got cancelled for rain. All in all it looks real good, just got to sort the car out some and it will be a real good piece.
3 days ago
Good luck to Mike Bradley this weekend at the Outlaw Street Car Reunion @beechbendpark in Bowling Green Kentucky. Mike will be running pro mod with one of our twin turbocharged 481x power plants!
7 days ago
The crazy stuff people do! LOL We did this 1050hp at only 5400rpm Supercharged 427LS for Rob Matthew's in Florida. Crazy Fast! Apparently there is a lot of this down south. I'm all for it. More than happy to build these all day long.
13 days ago
Nice BBC for Todd Bylsma's Sand Drag / Hill Climb Jeep Click the link for the video. Also video in the comments below of it on the hill.
17 days ago
Todd Blysma's jeep engine.
17 days ago