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You Build It Series

You Build It Series

Do you want to build your own engine, but you don't know where to start?
Do want to save some money?
There is NO extra charge for doing a You Build It Series.

You Build It Series! You Build It Series Pro!

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Sweet little river boat engine.
6 days ago
Looks like Frank Bottcher won this with a tie breaker on TQ 2004 HP
8 days ago
Guess the power at 7300 and 34 psi on methanol. Guess peak tq as the tie breaker. Winner selected Monday the 14th
12 days ago
New Video up On Youtube!!
15 days ago
New from Steve Morris Engines comes the YOU BUILD IT SERIES of engines. These are Complete Engine Packages that you assemble yourself! When we say complete we mean complete! We would like to here some feedback/information from you guys letting us know what you think. Unless your a hater. Then don't say anything. Click the Link Below for more Information!! You Build It Series You Build It Series Pro
15 days ago
Dang it, I thought I posted this up yesterday. The winner and the numbers are on the video. Need the winner to send me a PM or email.
1 month ago