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Check out the First new Billet Block 10,000 rpm Lamborghini Engine For Dallas Performance
5 days ago
In this Steve Tech Video I cover why and how you resurface your brand new block and heads.
8 days ago
In this Episode I talk about bearing clearances and give you guidelines based on our experience and actual clearances we use and why.
1 month ago
Watch this Monster street driver engine make over 1000FT/LBS of Torque at 3000 rpm and 1400 TQ peak all on 93 octane gas!! The winner right here on You Tube---- Walkerboys1 shoot me a message and you can wear some cool stuff!
1 month ago
Guess the power on this bad boy! answer like below please at 16 PSI Peak Power _____ RPM at Peak Power _____ Peak Torque _____ Win your self a SM shirt Hat combo so you can look cool again! guess' stop on 3/24/21
1 month ago
This is our Stg 1 street car package loaded with AC, power steering, and altinator. up to 1400 HP!!
1 month ago

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