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Paolo Odrorico's BBC ProCharger conversion from a naturally asperated engine. This is going in Lingenfelters ProStock truck. pretty interesting. If you are looking to convert your engine to a boosted one we might be able to help.
5 days ago
Brian Base's 2000+HP 427 Twin Turbo engine for his Nova Wagon!
1 month ago
Real nice solid base platform, and I go over some EFI stuff too.
1 month ago
This is our Stg 1 BBC with a couple options, real nice solid combo.
1 month ago
The baddest endurance / street car engine on the planet in Naturally Aspirated form.
2 months ago
This really cool CHRA of Texas 49 Merc came here for Dragweek tune and set up. Twin 88 mm 540 dual fuel car.
2 months ago

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