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5 days ago
Dallas Performance 2300HP Twin Turbo Lamborghini
1 month ago
Gonna be a really great deal, building, testing and development we are starting with Dallas Performance. Numbers coming, hold on guys
1 month ago
This is a Partial Video I did on Valve Springs. If you want to see more, go to the Steve Morris Engines web site and subscribe to Steve Tech for this and many more real Tech Videos (side note, if you see a Joe Biden Commercial on this or any of my videos it is not from ME! If Biden is going to pay me to put his ad on my videos, cool. I do NOT support Biden)
1 month ago
Sorry about the audio quality. I had the microphone backwards so it barely picked up my voice.
1 month ago
Mark Vanluvens 470 cube BBC with Twin turbos
2 months ago

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