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427 LS 2700 HP on gas! Twin Turbo
4 hours ago
just a little teaser
5 days ago
Next engine to guess the power on. 427 LS all our good stuff, on Gas, twin 83 NLX turbos. Water to air, C16 35 PSI There is a clue in there on who's this is. Guess that too.
5 days ago
nice text from Sonny Bachman. "Love My Steve Morris Motor!"
6 days ago
Something new we're offering....with every Holley Sniper EFI and base tune we will also be testing the unit on one of our mule motors to give you that extra insurance that everything is working properly and there won't be any headaches for you when you install it on your car!
8 days ago
New added process at Steve Morris Engines
11 days ago