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You want to sleeve that block and save it or make it better? In this Steve Tech Video I explain different types of sleeves and types of installations. Some I do not like to do and some I wont do at all.
2 days ago
Bailey is not the winner?! Sorry for the camera bouncing all around! Just getting a handle on it. I got a little bit of Steve Tech in this video and pretty coo,l pretty fun racing. Congratulations Jason Sack and our boy Clarky!
9 days ago
looking good so far! Cleetus made a solid pass, Sack did, Clark did and we made a part pass going 6.73 at 200 lifting early.
9 days ago
Midwest Drag Week total crap for today! wiring problems for us. Clark andy kid did great. Sack did great.
10 days ago
After stopping at Jonny Lindbergh shop for a header repair we are prepping up for race day at Indy.
10 days ago
Driving in rain, sketchy to say the least!!!
11 days ago

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