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Nice little ProCharged LS for Keiths 2004 GTO I feel sorry for your tires man.
2 days ago
All this for a 19 ft Jet Boat?? Just for playing around!! A second engine for Kevin Reece, I like him!
2 days ago
SWEET!! now we have the dominator flange Sniper!! It is the same size injectors as the 4150 Sniper. Of course I will still do a tune for these as I do for the 4150 Flange, AND where do you get the best (kinda the only one ) dominator Hat? Thats right, ME! I am short handed so It will take a bit to get them on the web site so give us a call on them if you need one and all the right stuff to make it work the best!
7 days ago
LS air boat power. Video coming soon of the first customers. I think they look kinda cool. ,
22 days ago
Well, it has been 5 years and Alex is leaving us!! Today is his last day. He is not going to another shop but is leaving the industry. I only wish him the best. Later bud.
1 month ago
I just love this. It is a nice engine shot at the end. Notice how low profile it is of course it is one of our twin turbo LS engines in low boost. The Welch family rocks it!
1 month ago