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Joey's sweet little 363 SBF single 75 turbo for his really cool, box stock looking, mint original paint fox body. Cool car.
2 days ago
Rodney Taylor's 540 STG1 blower engine. 1200 on 93 octane and 1350 on Race with a Holley Sniper EFI.
5 days ago
This 2000 hp dual fuel SBF is for Don Seib out of Maine.
6 days ago
Looks like Don Taylor from Facebook was only off by 1 total HP email me your shirt size! Really close guess' this time. Sometimes people are so far out to lunch it makes me wonder.
11 days ago
Guess the power at 10 PSI and 15 PSI add numbers together and post like this. 100 and 200 total 300 closest guess win my admiration and a shirt, hat or hoodie.
14 days ago
Be good and some day it may come back to you. This is my Uncle Marty that did a lot for me when I was a kid. My uncle bought this truck new in 1978. It had been sitting outside on flat tires for 8 years.
1 month ago

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