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That's s it. We give up. We get here unload cars and right away Tom backs into the crap sucker truck for the potatoes potties. We get 2.0 out and Tom says it has a knock, I say yeah right. I go to lash the valves and sure enough the Flywheel is loose! We pull tranny and fix flywheel. Miss the 3rd round of qualifing. We go to start the engine and it has low oil pressure. WTH? After we get it figured out that a sensor went bad, they had final called the final round up. We tired and would only get 1 hit.we said enough is enough. Time to go home. Sorry folks.
3 days ago
We made it. Find place to park then Got to get cars unloaded and make a qualifying hit in 2 1/2 hours. ,:-:-*
3 days ago
Drag Week 2018 is in the Books!! We did pretty well. Wins in 3 of the top fastest classes. Clark has a 2500 HP twin turbo LS that we built for him. We have not put that power to the ground yet, but this year he never changed the spark plugs, he never even lashed the valves for the whole week long drive and racing. Pulls in the track changes his tires makes a 7.90 second 180mph 1/4 mile pass in his 4400lbs street car, puts street tires back on and takes it for a couple hundred mile drive then repeats four more times. Winner!! Les Smith has one of our 540 twin turbo BBCs It will make over 3000hp but Les only puts a mere 20 to 23 psi of boost to it and goes 7.40s at 190+ mph all in his 3700 lbs Chevy 2. Hard working dude. Same kind of thing as Clark, race, drive, repeat. Winner! Then there is Tom Bailey. This year we showed up in the old car untested and un-raced for the last 4 years. Our thought process was to pull in to each track and make one pass and leave. That was it. I ride with Tom as co pilot / crew chief. I put a soft tune in the car to do a single pass and leave. That is exactly what we did. Could we have gone faster? Yes. Do we care? No Drag week is hard mentally and physically in a car like this. Very hard. I have been in racing all my life and this is exhausting but it is worth it I think. Winner!! Then we got Grubby, the king of crazy concrete guy. He finished 3 in the ProStreet class but wins at doing 70 mph burn outs on the highway pulling a trailer. EVERY night!! Grubby has my ProCharger 2500 HP 540 engines, gonna turn the boost up and put all that power down to the ground. Not just burnouts! Also Jason Sack finished 4th in the unlimited class with his single turbo LS nova I did the engine for. Jason has what I like to call the starter engine. 1000hp LS deal. His first year out in a brand new car, he made it all happen. Great Job ! Just needs the big boy engine now! Oh did I tell you? Tom and I are driving all night to go to Norwalk Ohio to race the Shakedown ProMod race with Tom's new car! I will keep you posted. Peace out.
4 days ago
We made it! Only took us 5 hours down the wrong stupid 5 mph road to get to Bristol. We missed first round. Went out for second round. Oil down delay while we where in the burnout box. Shifter did not work. Tom lifted and went 7.46 @145. Mph. I fixed shifter asked Tom if he wanted to go make a hit and he said, Naw, let's go. We are on he 36 hour with no sleep. Car is spot on. Should have went another 6.60 something if it would have shifted. You have to love stand still traffic!
5 days ago
On the way, 3:30 am.
5 days ago
It only got a couple years and a few thousand miles on it.
6 days ago