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Man what can you say. Tony V is on a roll! He won KOTS no prep first time out last weekend , Then he shows up to the triple crown no prep and wins that this weekend!! Great job guys.
1 day ago
Another cool sprint boat with our parts in it.
2 days ago
Jason's Sacks awesome looking dragweek 69 Nova showed up to finish up. Chassis Dyno and finish sort out.
3 days ago
Tony V to the front!! Who is the KOTS champ. Tony V! We went thru Tony's engine and took care of all the issue he had going on. Tony and crew put the engine I the car, and then brought the car back to me to make sure all was right and chassis Dyno. Took care of some other issues I found there. Tony only got 4 test hits before the race. I am looking over data and helping with his tune at night. Tony shows up to King Of The Streets race with a new set up and 4 test passes and wins the whole deal! Congrats guys and girl ! NJ
10 days ago
So a couple weeks ago Anthony Matney sent me a email needing help with his tune in his 10.5 W car. I fixed some areas and him and his crew go out and win their first race. Congrats guys! No Joke.
10 days ago
We apologize if you are trying to reach us by phone. Phone service is out in our area. Our service provider is working on it and hopes to have it up later this afternoon.
14 days ago