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Wow, Tony V wins the first 4 no prep races in a row after having us do his ProCharged BBC. 4 out of 4 races! I have to be honest though, he has had to take the valve covers off and check valve lash a couple times, no adjustments but he did check and he has had to change the oil. Good job
6 days ago
Here ya go, Check this one out, I talk some more about tuning in this Twin turbo set up. Jamal Eberhardt's Twin Turbo BBC Sorry about Vid quality, I am getting another camera.
10 days ago
Jason Sacks sweet nova! Yes, the car is build for way more power. Yes, this is just a starter engine. Yes, this thing has the wrong gear, over drive unit, running at low boost and 6000RPM
11 days ago
And the winner is? ALL of YOU!! But in particular Francois Vezina He guessed it right dead on the money! Shoot me a email and I will send ya a shirt or a hat!
12 days ago
540 methanol V30 Vortech at 30psi You Dragster package. Guess HP at 7500rpm and 30 PSI Winner gets a sweet T-shirt or a Cool hat. Winner selected Monday!!
16 days ago
Next one up o the Dyno! Top Dragster bound!!
1 month ago