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This is the low boost tune with explanation on cooling and fuel system for DRIVING this engine on pump gas for hours at a time.
1 day ago
Low boost tune
1 day ago
It lives! MAXIMUM cooling, complete block and complete head water jackets for Drag Week, Marine, off road, super car. Anything that you want to drive not just cool down between rounds.
3 days ago
Great weekend for my boy Tony V @tony_v7122 At No prep kings! Tony, Brytt,and Vince really got the SME powered camaro working! Just a little conventional headed SME, ProCharged BBC gapping the twin 98mm hemi of Ryan Hendrickson. Way to go guys!
6 days ago
Hanging out with Eric Bain @boosted_ego621 @noprepkings The SME powered @hpp_racing tuned camaro laid a serious smack down on Lizzy Musi in the first round. Long story and it will be all over the show for sure. Plain out ran her down. Next round just got a little excited and red lit. After last weekend at Armagedon where Eric out ran Fireball camaro and Bird man, this car is gonna be the one to watch!
6 days ago
The SMX engine with more detail and description.
12 days ago