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At STEVE MORRIS ENGINES, we believe in offering you the best and most innovative combinations available.  Our years of proven results, on the dyno and at the track, have allowed our business to grow greatly.  To all of our past (and future) customers - we thank you for making us who we are.

With the continual growth in our business, we have had to change our Support Policy.  In order for us to provide any level of support (tuning-related, general combination inquiry, camshaft recommendations, etc.), we require that the part(s) you are asking about be purchased through us directly.  It is not fair to the customers who have invested their hard-earned money with us, to offer a service for free or at a greatly reduced price.

This level of support is just one of the value-added benefits when making your purchase through STEVE MORRIS ENGINES.  Our experience with these combinations will ensure your overall success and happiness with your investment!

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