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Custom engine conversions


Let the forced induction experts at STEVE MORRIS ENGINES convert your existing engine to a supercharged or turbocharged combination! We have been doing boosted engines for 15 years. Back when most everyone was still building nitrous engines, we led the way in boost! Every engine we did back then started as a conversion and we still do a lot of conversions today.  

Each of our engine conversions are handled on a one-by-one basis.  We review your expected goals and budget, and do our best to make the conversion painless!   

It is important to note that our conversions will require your engine to be in our facility prior to offering you an accurate estimated cost.  We will need to verify the brand of products and also the integrity of the components to ensure the best possible outcome.  At times, the customer is better off selling their engine and starting from scratch. In a best case scenario, we would just have to change pistons and cam and add one of our boosted completion kits, with Dyno time on top of that.  If you email us the the details of your existing engine, we can give you a VERY rough estimate on cost.


We are eager to help you with your build. Please call us to discuss your project!