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Turbos & Turbo Parts

Turbos & Turbo Parts

Steve Morris Engines is proud to offer you the following top-quality turbochargers for your performance needs!


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Steve Morris Turbos

Steve Morris Engines Turbochargers



Steve Morris Engines has been working behind the scenes to develop a series of turbochargers for some time.  We are proud to announce their release!  These new units are based off of Bullseye Power’s already-proven reliable chassis.  We then add your choice of compressor covers, turbine housings, and our exclusively-designed billet compressor wheels.  These units are then assembly-balanced before being completely assembled.  This ensures that your turbocharger (like the rotating assembly in your engine) operates smoothly and at peak efficiency.

  • Steve Morris Engines exclusive billet 75mm, 80mm, or 83mm compressor wheel
  • Choice of compressor covers - standard BorgWarner or optional race cover from BW (70-90hp increase)
  • Optional 360-degree journal bearing for high-boost applications
  • Standard T6-1.32 turbine housing (optional T4 and T6 sizes available)
  • Optional lightweight stainless steel V-band exhaust housing (available with a 1.0 A/R or 1.30 A/R)
  • Genuine BorgWarner 96mm turbine wheel (83mm and 87mm optional)

Perfect for single or twin-turbo uses! 

Prices starting from $1,349 with various options available!


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SME80 Turbos

Bullseye Power

Precision Turbos

Precision Turbo GEN2 PT7675 CEA
Precision GEN2 88 CEA Ball-Bearing
Precision PT-91.5 Turbo
Precision GEN2 91 CEA Ball Bearing
Precision Turbo 700-5100 PT 98
Precision Turbo PTB705-5100 PT98 CEA
Precision Turbo PTB700-5150 PT-106

Boost Controllers

Wastegates & Components

Blow-Off Valves & Components

BOV Controller Kit Blue
BOV Controller Kit Black
Race Port BOV Valve 2011 Black
Race Port BOV Valve 2011 Blue

Turbo Headers and Exhaust Systems

We feature quality products from STAINLESS WORKS.  Top-quality products proudly manufactured in the US, these products will help scavenge power and make your ride look and sound awesome.

SW has a ton of different items available - too many to list here.  Please call us for an exact fit for your needs!

T4 Flange with 60mm Smart Gate
T6 Flange with 60mm Smart Gate
BBC Turbo Headers
SBC Turbo Headers
LS1 Through LSX Universal Headers
SBF Single Turbo Kit