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BatMoWheel Turbo

Bullseye Power BatMoWheel Turbo

Bullseye Power’s BMW series takes a step up from the street billet with more versatility and better upgrades. Boasting faster spool times it’s known for its billet compressor wheel. The BMW comes standard with a billet CHRA, billet back plate and race cover giving it a slight power advantage over the Street Billet Series. The BMW series was designed for competitive applications but maintains perfect function on street cars making the BMW series one of the most competitive turbochargers for all around use.  BMW turbos are available in Small, Medium and Large frames from 52mm to 98mm.  

Choosing a turbo is more than reading a couple forums or articles to figure out what turbo you need.  Here at SME, we have proven results and experience to help put together the perfect combination for your build, give us a call to discuss turbo options for you!