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ProCharger PC328A-002 F2 Head Unit

ProCharger Head Units and RaceDrive Kits

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ProCharger PC328A-002 F2 Head Unit

procharger pc328a-002 f2 head unit 

The ProCharger F-2 features a larger, 10.5-inch volute diameter and provides a significant increase in airflow when compared with the F-1D/F-1/F-1A and F-1C/F-1R superchargers. Considered by many to be the ideal combination of small size and high performance, the F-2 retains all the F-Series design advantages, including self-contained oiling, the patented, ultra-high speed compound bearing assembly, precision ground steel gears and can support up to 1,600 horsepower.  If you're looking to extract the most from your combination, the optional PRO-VOLUTE upgrade can bring this already-stout blower to producing over 2000+ hp!  


Shown with PRO-VOLUTE upgrades.


Part #: 162

Price: $5,199.95
Blower Upgrades:
Gear Drive:

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