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TCT 88mm

TCT 88mm

Price: $3,749.95
T-6 Open:

Part Number: TCT588

Horsepower Rating: 1,700+

Bullseye Power has reinvented the compressor wheel with their exclusive leading edge technology for quicker spool times and increased flow rates, providing up to 100 horsepower more than a cast or standard-billet counterpart.  

All TCT turbochargers features Bullseye Power's Triple Compression Technology TCT compressor wheel with Bullseye Power's exclusive Race Cover.

Compressor Features:

  • 88mm inducer
  • Patented 6 blade TCT Compressor Wheel
  • Bullseye Power Race Cover
  • 6" inlet
  • Polished cover optional
  • Lightweight billet backplate optional (7lbs weight savings)

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