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BatMoWheel 88mm 450-88

BatMoWheel 88mm 450-88

Price: $3,399.95
T-4 Divided:
T-6 Divided:

The 450-88 BatMoWheel is taking over the outlaw drag racing world!  The 450-88 takes the proven performance of the full size 88mm BatMoWheel turbocharger, and combines it with the lightweight "mid-frame" chassis.  The high flowturbine wheel spins inside Bullseye Power's innovative, lightweight, stainless steel V-Band turbine housing, for the ultimate combination of strength, performance, lightweight design, and beauty.

The massive power capacity of the 88mm BatMoWheel combined with the compact, lightweight chassis and stainless turbine housing make the 450-88 the perfect turbo for your big-horsepower twin turbo setup.

Bullseye Power 450-88s can be seen setting records and winning races on the outlaw drag cars of Gary Lee, Jerry Morgano, Nate Pritchett, Tim Essick, Tom Kempf, Eric Stubbs, Rod Houck, and more! 

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