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ProCharger F3R-130/136 Head Unit

ProCharger F3R-130/136 Head Unit

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ProCharger F3R-130/136 Head Unit 

Welcome to the Big Time! The ProCharger F-3 supercharger is the pinnacle for racers looking for ultra-high horsepower along with championship-earning reliability and consistency. The first centrifugal supercharger to power a doorslammer over 200 mph and into the 6's, F-3 ProChargers are the centrifugal superchargers of choice among the best racers around the world. In fact, more racing championships and more world records have been set by racers running F-3 ProChargers than any other centrifugal supercharger. Period. Super Chevy Shows, National Muscle Car Association (NMCA), National Hot Rod Association (NHRA), National Mustang Racing Association (NMRA), Pacific Street Car Association (PSCA) Outlaw Racing Street Car Association (ORSCA), Outlaw Racing TIre Championships (ORTC), HOT ROD's Drag Week and Pump Gas Drags, Bonneville, Maxton and more - chances are very good that a ProCharger-equipped racer has "been there, won that" with a legendary ProCharger F-3 supercharger under their hood. The legendary ProCharger F-3 family of supercharger models features a large, 12- inch volute and provides vastly higher airflow than the F-1 and F-2 models. Considered by many to be the ultimate competition supercharger, the F-3 retains all the F-Series design advantages, including self-contained oiling, the patented, ultra-high speed compound bearing assembly, precision ground 9310 steel gears and can support 2,500+ HP on race gas and 3,000+ HP on alcohol.  Add the Steve Morris Engines exclusive PRO-VOLUTE and internal enhancements, and you will realize why Steve Morris Engines is the premiere ProCharger source!


ProCharger F-3R-130
-Base HP (NA Engine): 600 – 900 HP
-Maximum Supercharged HP Rating: 2,600 HP
-Maximum Airflow: 3,600 cfm
-Maximum Boost: 45 psi
-Maximum Impeller RPM: 70,000
-Internal Step-up Ratio: 5.63:1

ProCharger F-3R-136
-Base HP (NA Engine): 700 – 1,000 HP
-Maximum Supercharged HP Rating: 3000+ HP
-Maximum Airflow: 4,000 cfm
-Maximum Boost: 50 psi
-Maximum Impeller RPM: 72,000
-Internal Step-up Ratio: 5.63:1

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