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ProCharger F3R-121 RaceDrive Head Unit

ProCharger F3R-121 RaceDrive Head Unit

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ProCharger F3R-121 RaceDrive Head Unit

ProCharger RaceDrive


ProCharger’s exclusive RaceDrive design is an integrated gear drive that is combined with our recently redesigned lineup of F3 superchargers. Currently offered in two different configurations:  the F3A-121RD, and F3R-12ARD, the ProCharger RaceDrive is a compact drive unit that centrally mounts the ProCharger closer to the engine and higher for easier installation. 

One of the key features of the ProCharger RaceDrive is the ability to change the gear sets or blower speeds by simply removing the front cover,  and replacing the 10 spline quick change gear sets with well over 40 different ratios to choose from.   With three separate accessory drive shafts, the RaceDrive has the ability to drive multiple accessories such as: fuel pump, vacuum pump, oil pump, etc. 

Other main features include:

•  From the face of the engine damper to air inlet of the  supercharger is a little over 14”

•  From crankshaft centerline to supercharger inlet shaft centerline is 7.5”

•  Overall height from crankshaft centerline to the top of the gear case is 13.5” 

•  ProCharger uses a rugged coupler design made of rubber that mates the RaceDrive to the engine.

•  The gear case is isolated from the supercharger transmission and holds 4oz of ProCharger oil.

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