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LS Stage 2 Engines - Up To 1,500 HP

Our Stage 2 LS Engine Package is designed for your 'hot street cars' that are needing to make a bit more than our entry-level STAGE 1 combinations.  These are a great option if you are 75%+ going to be street-driving the combination.  We can provide these engines with the ability to drive around on pump gas nice-and-happy, then load the race gas calibration/pulley change and hit the track a few times per year.


  • DART LSNext SHP Iron Block - fully-machined in-house (optional LS-R aluminum block upgrade)
  • Forged rotating assembly with quality components from companies like MOLNAR, DIAMOND, EAGLE, SCAT, CALLIES, etc.
  • Custom SME Hydraulic Roller Camshaft with genuine GM LS7 lifters (optional solid-roller upgrades available)
  • ARP Hardware
  • Melling Billet Oil Pump and GM 'HOT ROD' or HOLLEY oil pan (optional dry-sump oiling upgrades available)
  • Harmonic Dampener - will be specified based on power-adder/engine accessories
  • CNC ported DART or MAST LS cylinder heads with JESEL shaft-rocker assembly
  • Custom Dual Valve Springs
  • Custom Stainless-Steel Valves
  • Custom heavy-wall pushrods
  • SME Billet Valve Covers
  • All engine machining is done 100% in-house
  • Competition engine assembly

Long-block prices starting from $28,995!

These long-block engines can be designed as a turbocharged or supercharged engine package.  We have a TON of options on front engine accessory drives, power-adder combinations, turbo or supercharger selections!  We can add a HOLLEY or FUELTECH EFI system, ignition coils, and all the fuel system components as well.  Wrap it up with our engine dyno-calibration on your choice of fuels, and you end up with a tested, proven engine combination for your ride!

This engine package is incredibly configurable.  Give us a call to discuss the many different combinations available.