not Imitation

1,500 to 2,000hp                 BASE ENGINE


This is our most popular package.  It features high-quality parts that have been proven through years of use at the track, on the street, and on our in-house engine dyno.  This combination is highly configurable to fit your specific needs, and is available for either supercharged or turbocharged applications.  If you are interested in a blow-through carb version of this engine, please be sure to call us!


Some of the parts included in this long block package are standard and if your comparing others engines there are a lot of things that others do as upgrades:

  • Dart iron block - custom-machined in-house
  • Premium forged crank and billet steel rods
  • Custom SME piston package for big boost
  • SME custom-designed roller cam
  • Jesel custom belt drive and rocker system
  • Custom CNC ported BRODIX aluminum cylinder head
  • Titanium Intake valve, Inconel ex
  • Custom fabricated valve covers and oil pan
  • Completely machined and assembled in-house by SME


Long-Block starting from $25,000 plus freight

Looking For A Short- Or Long-Block?  CLICK HERE!


Complete this engine with a supercharged EFI system - click here

Complete this engine with a turbocharged EFI system - click here


Please call or email us with any questions regarding this kit, or to custom configure to your needs!!