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BBC 540ci Engine - Up to 1,500hp

SME Big Block Chevy 540ci Supercharged or Turbocharged Engines - Up To 1,500hp

Looking for good, reliable horsepower? This tried and true combination makes great power while remaining very street friendly. The clean and simple design allows for easy installation in any car or truck. Fuel line and a few wires is all it takes get this engine running!

Long-Block Includes

  • Dart BIG M Iron Block
  • Forged crankshaft and connecting rods
  • CP-CARRILLO or DIAMOND piston kit with wrist pins, TOTAL SEAL rings, etc (designed for forced-induction)

  • SME Custom-Grind Hydraulic Roller Camshaft

  • Billet chain timing set

  • Billet wet-sump oil pump and custom-fabricated SM oil pan

  • IW or ATI balancer with crank trigger magnets

  • DART or BRODIX aluminum cylinder heads, SM CNC porting

  • SS intake and exhaust valves

  • HR valve spring package with TI retainers, steel locators and locks

  • JESEL shaft rocker system

  • MOREL lifters

  • MANTON or TREND heavy-wall pushrods

  • MLS head gaskets

  • H-series main and rod bearings

  • ARP hardware throughout

  • SM all-billet intake manifold – with logo

  • SM all-billet valve covers – with logo

  • Custom block and cylinder head machining, crankshaft balancing, multi-angle valve job, debur, paint, prep and clean all parts

  • Competition engine assembly

Long Block starting from $32,995 plus crating and shipping. 


Complete starting from $53,995 plus crating and outbound shipping.

Complete with fuel system components, EFI and injectors, F1A-94 or TorqStorm supercharger with all front engine accessories (AC, ALT, WP, PS) and dyno-calibration

Please contact us to discuss the different options.

Serpentine Accessory Drive

For those who drive on the street, we offer a Serpentine Accessory Bracket and Accessory Kit. This kit includes Alternator, Power Steering, A/C Compressor, and Water Pump. These SME Brackets allow clearance for a Forward Facing Throttle Body and charge pipe.

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Big Block Chevy BBC State 2 Engine