Welcome to Steve Morris Engines.


For the past 20 years, Steve Morris and his talented crew have taken their dyno and track-proven

experiences to help build custom high-performance engines for a variety of applications and clients

across the globe.  


Our chassis dyno is capable of supporting more than 3,000 wheel horsepower, and our two custom-

modified engine dyno's to 4,000 horsepower have helped develop high-performance engines for a variety

of performance vehicles. Steve Morris Engines can be found in street cars, Hot Rod Drag Week

participant’s cars, drag race cars, autocross cars, off-road racing trucks and off-shore powerboats.

Steve Morris’ experience in turbocharging and centrifugal supercharging has led to many industry

breakthroughs within the walls of our shop, including the Pro-Volute Line. This exclusive product was developed,

tested and built by us, and is quickly becoming an industry standard for high-performance,

forced-induction powerplants.


We also partner with SMI Prototyping to handle expedited design and fabrication. With its in-house CNC

equipment and vast experience in Solid Works CAD and CAM, high-quality and quick turn-around time is

the standard.


We offer complete installation solutions and tuning services for various platforms, including gasoline, E85,

and Alcohol applications. We specialize in working with the F.A.S.T., BigStuff3, and

Holley stand-alone systems and products.


Aside from our on-site services, we offer track-side tuning and an instructional DVD collection authored and narrated by Steve Morris himself. Our collection helps guide builders and tuners around their boosted engines and fuel

management systems.


Our goal is to provide our customers with the knowledge and parts necessary to build the best engine

possible, complete with reliable and proven power. Feel free to contact us by phone or email to discuss

your plans and projects.


Steve Morris Engines: Innovation not imitation.





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