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V-24 XB105

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V-24 XB105
V-24 XB105V-24 XB105V-24 XB105

The V-24 XB105 is VORTECH's latest version of this popular class-specific and hot-street supercharger.  Designed to be the next step in centrifugal supercharger evolution, this V-24 variant features their strongest gear case transmission (same unit as in their V28-128mm) and their revolutionary all-new billet impeller design.  This system is designed to deliver over 1,700+ horsepower!

The XB105 has the most efficient, largest volute in its class at 11 inches. Also included is the Diversion Diffusion Technology impeller/volute performance system with specific engine tunability.

Good news for those who have the V-24 Xi supercharger, there is an available upgrade to the XB105.

Inlet Hose Diameter: 5.00” Outlet Hose Diameter: 3.50”
Impeller Inducer Diameter: 3.70” Efficiency Peak: 75%
Impeller Speed Max: 69,000 RPM Max Pressure: 35+ PSI
Max Flow: 2,900 CFM Max Horsepower: 1,700+

This big-block Chevy kit includes (other platforms available - call for pricing):

  • V-24 XB105 head unit with heavy-duty transmission
  • STEVE MORRIS ENGINES custom side-mounted bracket system with belt tensioner system and hardware
  • Cog blower pulley, crank blower pulley, and cog belt based on desired boost level
  • STEVE MORRIS ENGINES polished Pro-Series 4150 carb hat
  • TurboSmart 52mm supercharger-specific blow-off valve and aluminum mounting hardware

Available options:

  • 4500 Pro-Series polished carb hat (+$75)
  • Polishing of the head unit (+$250) and brackets (+$275)
  • Upgrade to a VORTECH BV52 blow-off valve (+$225)

Questions include, but not limited to the following:

  • Engine deck height

  • Cylinder head option

  • Carburetor or EFI

  • Maximum engine RPM

  • Maximum horsepower desired

  • Fuel Type

If you don't see your specific model listed, please contact us!

Part #: 482-1

Price: $7,025.00
Sale Price: $6,149.00
Finish Option:
Drive System:
Blow-off Valve option:
Carb Hat:

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