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ProCharger 1GW212-SCI '14-'15 Chevy SS Kits

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ProCharger 1GW212-SCI '14-'15 Chevy SS Kits

ProCharger 1GW212-SCI '14-'15 Chevy SS HO Intercooled System P-1SC-1

EXCLUSIVE PRO-VOLUTE Upgrades are available for this kit!  Click here to read all about what they are and how they work!

ProCharger has released a complete HO Intercooled Supercharger System for the hot new 2014-15 Chevrolet SS. With a 6.2L V8 carrying a factory rating of 415 HP, the ProCharger HO Intercooled System produces a 50% HP gain over stock with 8 psi of intercooled boost and pump gas. HO intercooled Systems are supplied with proven tuning calibrations and a handheld programmer set for a 50% power gain over stock, though higher boost levels and horsepower gains are possible with an Intercooled Tuner Kit and custom tuning--even higher with modified motors. This system utilizes the industry leading ProCharger P-1SC-1 supercharger with self-contained oiling, meaning there is no need for external oil lines or oil pan modification.

Designed and manufactured in the USA, utilizing a highly-efficient 2 core air-to-air intercooler and an 8-rib dedicated supercharger drive system with an automatic tensioner, this is the most advanced and reliable supercharger system available for the SS.

With reliability, quality and power far superior to other forced-air induction systems, both Procharger HO Intercooled Systems and Tuner Kits are excellent ways to add even more power to the world-class performance of the Chevy SS sedan.

ProCharger Chevrolet SS Design Highlights

• 50% HP gain with P-1SC-1 on 8 psi, pump gas
• Higher gains possible with modified motors and custom tuning
• OEM quality bolt-on design and finish
• Three supercharger and bracket finish options–Polished, Satin, or Black
• 8-rib Dedicated drive comes standard for higher reliability
• 2 Core intercooler standard, 3 Core upgrade available
• Easy installation using standard hand tools and floor jack
• Handheld Tuner available
• Factory balancer does not have to be removed

The ProCharger Chevy SS Supercharger system starts its foundation with the industry leading P-1SC-1 head unit. Mounted with a robust CNC billet alum bracket system, driven by a dedicated drive belt system. 8 psi of forced air from the supercharger is feed to the huge air-to-air front mount intercooler, where its chilled before entering the 6.2L power plant. What does all of that mean? It means you can BOLT on a ProCharger to your brand new SS, and enjoy the smile 610+ Horse Power will put on your face.

If you are looking for a four door, rear wheel drive sedan that delivers a powerful supercharged punch, the ProCharger SS straight out delivers. The ProCharger supercharger system, and the Chevy SS are a sure fire way to make sure owners of those “other” cars take notice, without taking out a second mortgage.

8-rib Dedicated Drive


Tuning for full systems is included with the 8 psi stock system offering. This comes in the form of a simple-to-use hand held programmer. With long-term reliability in mind, these tunes are set up conservatively from the factory to account for fuel variations across the country. 

EXCLUSIVE PRO-VOLUTE Upgrades are available for this kit!  Click here to read all about what they are and how they work!

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Part #: 897

Price: $7,398.00
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