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2000hp Conversion Kit

Supercharger Conversion Kits

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2000hp Conversion Kit

When you make the decision to jump into the world of forced induction, it is very easy to get the wrong advice and combination from people.  Instead of wasting your money and getting something that does not work as you expected, spend the money on our of our proven kits and get it done right!

This DIY kit is designed for you to convert your naturally-aspirated engine to a supercharged combination.  It is fully customizable to many popular engine combinations and can be upgraded to include EFI, Intercoolers, or any other parts you may need to complete your boosted engine project.  As with any kit like this - call to customize something specific to your platform.


2,000+hp-Capable Supercharger Conversion Kit includes:


  • ProCharger F3 or VORTECH V128 gear-driven setup
  • Custom-calibrated blow-through gasoline carb
  • STEVE MORRIS ENGINES competition carb hat
  • SME's proven custom camshaft for your combination

Supercharged package starting at $12,599


Part #: 254

Please call for exact pricing for your application.

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