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Steve Tech

Welcome to Steve Tech!

We are excited to announce a new subscription video series focusing on the secrets of machining, testing, building and tuning the most powerful and reliable engines. Steve Morris has been building and tuning Engines for 28+ years. Through a series of short videos, Steve will walk you through everything you need to know on Engine Building, Tuning, and everything in between.

Click below to watch a short sample video. If you're interested in the content click the Add to Cart. You can cancel at anytime. 

Below is a sample of content I will be working on and as a subscriber if you don't see something you want to learn about yet, email me and and I will answer you directly.  I will work on doing a video on topic and I will try to help you as much as I can until the video is done. 

Just a few of the topics we will be covering!

  • Engine assembly, how and whys (multiple episodes)
  • Tricks and Tips 
  • All areas of engine machining (multiple episodes)
  • Bore and Hone- surfacing- align hone- chamber mods for boost- balancing- sleeves- Hoops- Valve Jobs 
  • Valve train dynamics 
  • Engine dyno, how it works and how to really read the numbers
  • Chassis dyno how it works and what to look for
  • EFI tuning real world not just theory -Timing- Fuel- boost control- set up- and much more 
  • Track Power management systems 
  • Complete engine build up and specs.

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