PAC 1295 HYD Roller Valve Springs

Valve Springs


PAC 1295 HYD Roller Valve Springs

PAC 1295-16 Hydraulic Roller Valve Springs

Large Ovate beehive spring for high lift applications. Higher load and lift capability spring for applications up to 0.750 lift. This spring is PAC-Enhanced processed to handle the additional increased durability.

Part# PAC-1295
Mass (g) 106.0
Large End I.D. (in) 1.135
Large End O.D. (in) 1.589
Install Load (LB) 150.0
Install Height (in) 2.000
Open Load (LB) 385.0
Open Height (in) 1.250
Coil Bind Max 1.180
Lift Max (in) 0.750
Frequency Base (CPM) 25074

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