PAC 1246 Solid Roller Valve Springs

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PAC 1246 Solid Roller Valve Springs


PAC Racing 1200 Series valve springs are great as replacement parts--or for pushing above and beyond the performance of OEM engines. They're selected when you're upgrading camshafts or doing engine rebuilds. The 1200 series valve springs use a premium alloy that outperforms automotive industry standards; and PAC Racing processes the alloy to aerospace shot-peening standards to achieve superior fatigue dependability. This ensures that the springs maintain the load needed to withstand rigors of both street and mild racing applications.

1246 Series Triple Valve Springs

Triple Drag Race Spring - Bracket Race applications

Mass (g) 183.0
Outer Spring I.D. (in) 1.195
Outer Spring O.D. (in) 1.645
Middle Spring I.D. (in) 0.871
Inside Spring I.D. (in) 0.635
Install Load (LB) 250
Install Height (in) 2.050
Open Load (LB) 801
Open Height (in) 1.250
Coil Bind Max (in) 1.130
Lift Max (in) 0.800
Freq. Outer (CPM) 27188
Freq. Middle (CPM) 26867
Freq. Inner (CPM) 28392
Damper No

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