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Dataloggers - it's all about information !!!


The more information you have the better your combo will be.  Time and time again I try to help people with their tune-ups (particularly when people have gotten kits elswhere). It's really hard to know what is going on in your engine without data.  These are great dataloggers and this is the same one I have in my car.  I have this kit built primarily for the blow-throughs and also EFI's(if your EFI has no internal data logging).  We can add anything you like, 8 O2's, egts, wireless, anything.  This kit has just what is needed and nothing else.


The system has:


Engine RPM

Driveshaft RPM  

G-force meter

Boost pressure

Fuel pressure

(1) O2 sensor

Air inlet temp

Battery voltage


* Please call us here at Steve Morris Engines for other Datalogger options 231-747-7520

SKU: dtalgr1

Price: $1,695.00

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