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R5671A-7 Non-Projected Tip Spark Plugs

NGK Racing Spark Plugs

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R5671A-7 Non-Projected Tip Spark Plugs

What's firing your engine? NGK racing spark plugs are built to withstand the severe mechanical and thermal shock associated with high-revving, high-compression engines. NGK racing plugs feature electrode materials--precious metals like platinum or gold/palladium--for greater durability and low voltage requirements. Fine-wire center and ground electrodes provide better sparking and enhanced ignitability. And, the special arrangement of insulator noses improves throttle response! So, what's firing your race car to the winner's circle? Whether you're a weekend warrior or an expert racer, rocket your way to victory with racing spark plugs from NGK--the people who spark winners!

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14mm Thread Size - 19mm (3/4") Reach - 5/8" (16mm) Hex Size - Gasket Seat - Non-Resistor - Solid Terminal Nut - .031" (0.8mm) Gap - Heat Range 7

Part #: 451-1

Price: $3.69
Sale Price: $2.59

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