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MSD 6520 Digital 6-Plus Ignition Controller

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MSD 6520 Digital 6-Plus Ignition Controller

MSD 6520 Digital 6-Plus Ignition Controller

The MSD Digital-6 Plus Ignition Control combines terrific power, digital accuracy and great accessories making it ideal for street/strip applications.Every spark of the Digital-6 Plus Ignition is packed with 135 millijoules of spark energy and 535 primary volts. When used with the 


  • Switch between two rev limits that adjust with rotary switches in 100 rpm increments.
  • Single stage retard for nitrous and top end performance.
  • Start retard eases pressure on the starter, flywheel and engine.
  • Adjustable magnetic pickup compensation produces accurate trigger signals.
  • LED display warns of trigger signal problems or faulty charging system.
  • Fully potted with polyurethane for vibration and water protection.

Part #: 377-1

Price: $429.95
Sale Price: $365.95

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