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Ignition Parts

Ignition Parts

MSD has been the most recognized name in performance ignition systems for more than 40 years.  

We have been using these very systems in our own personal vehicles for many years, and can offer you the kind of technical support before and after the sale that no one else can!

MSD Distributors

MSD 8394 Digital E-Curve Chevy V8

NGK Racing Spark Plugs

NGK Spark Plugs

For many years NGK Spark Plugs has been firing racing engines throughout the world. NGK Spark Plugs has become an icon in spark plug technology and prides themselves in offering racers a high quality product that will help rocket them to victory. We realize race teams push their vehicles to the edge. Knowing this they design every NGK Spark Plug to withstand severe mechanical and thermal shock associated with these high-revving, high-compression race engines. As a result of their superior quality, you'll have confidence knowing you have the World Leader in spark plug technology firing your way to victory.

Ignition Boxes

 MSD Ignition Controls are known throughout the world for their performance and reliability. There is an Ignition Control for every application including your daily driver, turbos and blown engines, circle trackers and even 200+ mph Pro Modified Cars. For more information, contact us!

MSD 7805 8-Plus Ignition Controller


MSD HVC-2 Coil
MSD 8207 Blaster SS Coil
MSD 8202 Blaster 2 Coil