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Aeromotive Stage 1 Carb Fuel System Kit - 1800hp

Aeromotive Stage 1 Carb Fuel System Kit - 1800hp

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Aeromotive Stage 1 Carb Fuel System Kit - 1800hp

Our Aeromotive Stage 1 Kit is designed for blow-through carbs that will not be exceeding 1,800hp on pump gas and 1,200 on E-85.  The system features a Aeromotive 3.5 GPM Brushless in-line fuel pump with true variable speed control, and a return style regulator with 4 outlet ports and 1 return port.  The kit includes all the necessary fittings, plug and filters.

Aeromotive 3.5 Pump Specs

  • Lighter than the traditional Pro-Series pump.
  • Reduced current draw at higher, EFI pressures.
  • Extended service life in methanol and ethanol.
  • New integral spur-gear pumping mechanism.
  • 90-PSI continuous operating pressure and up to 150-PSI peak pressure, base plus boost.
    Integral, True Variable Speed motor controller reduces pump speed during low-load, light throttle operation, keeping fuel cooler while enhancing reliability.
  • ORB-12 inlet and ORB-10 outlet ports.
  • Requires straight 12-VDC to 16-VDC power supply.
  • TVS controllers are not compatible with OEM pulse modulated fuel pump drivers (FPDM) or legacy Aeromotive fuel pump speed controllers (FPSC). An analog 0-5 VDC signal, such as that from a TPS or MAP sensor required for True Variable Speed operation.

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