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EFI Regulators

Here at Steve Morris Engines we like making products that solve issues.  Case in point:  where to mount your fuel pressure regulator.  This is our regulator bracket - available for 4150- or 4500-style bases.  If you have your own custom design, contact us and we'll program up the CNC to make it!

2-Port EFI Regulator 40-100 PSI

Part #: HLY12-851


4500 Billet Fuel Press. Regulator w/EFI Bypass

Part #: HLY12-848


EFI Fuel Pressure Reg. Extreme FLow 30-120psi -10 fittings

Part #: AFS13132


Bypass Fuel Pressure Regulator 30-70psi

Part #: AFS13129

Please Call for Availability !

Fuel Regulator Extreme Flow EFI - 2-Port -12fittings

Part #: AFS13137


Magnafuel ProStar EFI Regulator

Part #: 9950-B-BLK

Please Call for Availability !