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Billet Atomizers

Atomizer 3 racing fuel injectors are now available from STEVE MORRIS ENGINES!  For anyone that has been into  hard-core, BIG horsepower drag racing, ATOMIZER injectors have been THE GOLD STANDARD.  We have been using these racing injectors in our engines for a great many years, and are proud to offer them for sale to the general public.

ATOMIZER 3 injectors are available in a wide variety of sizes based on your power goals.  If you are unsure, please contact us for more information.  These custom fuel injectors are available with traditional o-ring seals for your intake manifold and fuel rails, or you can upgrade to their threaded top-and-bottom for a leak-free installation!

ATOMIZER 3 racing injectors keep with the STEVE MORRIS ENGINES philosophy - INNOVATION NOT IMITATION!


Billet Atomizer 3 Racing Fuel Injectors

Part #: 471-1-1

Please Call for Availability !

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Billet 700#/hr

Part #: 471-1

Please Call for Availability !

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Billet 575#/hr

Part #: 471-2


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Billet 550#/hr

Part #: 471


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Billet 500#/hr

Part #: 471-3


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Billet 325#/hr

Part #: 470


Billet 275#/hr

Part #: 469


Billet 235#/hr

Part #: 468


Billet 160#/hr

Part #: BA-160