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Billet Atomizer 575#/hr High Performance Fuel Injector

Billet Atomizer 575#/hr High Performance Fuel Injector

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Billet Atomizer 575#/hr High Performance Fuel Injector


Atomizer 3 Racing fuel injectors incorporate patented, never before used, lightweight carbon fiber internal components to create ultra-fast opening times as well as utilizing other proprietary materials and design to make the fastest, most accurate fuel injectors in the world.  These injectors are purpose-built for all racing applications - unlike the adaptation of OEM, CNG, or hydraulic valves.


The all-new ATOMIZER 3 disc design is capable of faster throttle response, more power, and can help to reduce turbo spool time considerably versus previous designs.  These injectors are designed to operate linearly, with pulse widths as low as 1.2 milliseconds.  


These 550#/hr low-impedance injectors are sold in quantities of (1) and will require a protective case in quantities of four or more.


Please note that you MUST use a high-quality fuel filter to prevent damage to the fuel injector!  We recommend one of our ClearView filter assemblies (click here for more information).




Static flow rate: 575#/hr at 90PSI

Impedance: Low

Nominal resistance: 1.6 Ohms

ATOMIZER DISC nozzle with 45-degree vapor cone pattern




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