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You Build It Series PRO.

Do you want the ultimate experience?

Do you want to know everything about your engine?

Do you want to know the how and the why of your what you have and what you are doing with your engine?   

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work at Steve Morris Engines as an Engine Builder?

Introducing our new You Build It Series PRO!

Take a few days off, come here and Steve Morris will personally spend all day everyday helping YOU to build your engine, you have a question? It will be answered! You can and will do all the work. Complete assembly from clearances to grinding ring gaps to degreeing cams, in fact setting everything up!

Then after you have built your engine, Steve will work with you to hook your engine on the dyno. He will go over every set up including all the EFI set up and Steve will train you to actually run the dyno yourself! You will pull the handle, run the test, and Steve will help you to tune your engine all in the controlled environment of the dyno room. 

If you want to do everything and I mean everything take more time and Steve will show you how to do complete engine machining and balancing to your personal engine before you assemble it.  If you want you can completely machine, assemble, test and tune your own engine! The ultimate in built not bought! 

The  You Build It Series PRO is a very labor intensive program.  The estimated time to complete a engine and train the customer is more than double my normal assembly and dyno time. During your time here I will dedicate up to 10 hours a day to you and your project. I will not be working on other jobs during your time here building and dynoing your engine. Due to the sole focus on your project and training the hourly rate is $200 hr. A typical 1000 HP LS engine will take 30hrs to complete. A 4000HP plus engine will take 50+ hrs to complete.  Full machining of your engine package would add 10+ hours

There is a 30 hour minimum, hours are figured in 10 hour blocks and will be added to your engine purchase. 

Thank You,

Steve Morris




Michelle and I just wanted to say thank you for a great experience. From the minute we arrived the staff was warm, welcoming and professional. The shop was clean, organized and well laid out. The instruction was appropriate, neither overbearing or leaving questions unanswered. I didn't try to hide the fact that my engine building experience was extremely limited, but I was never talked down too. Any question Michelle and I asked was answered without making either of us feel like it was a dumb question. We never felt rushed or hurried along even with the PRI show coming up for the shop.


The 1st day was mostly machining and ensuring measurements and clearances were exact. The 2nd day was the majority of the assembly. The 3rd day was wrapping up a couple things and getting everything setup on the dyno and a teaser run or two. The 4th day was tuning and getting things ready to load the motor into my pickup. The 5th morning the motor was loaded and ready for the long drive back home. 


The whole process started about 2 months out with Jonathan and deciding on what goes into the build for parts. It was not a sales pitch or a have we got a deal for you kind of experience. He listened to what I wanted from the motor, asked some questions, and then sent over a proposed parts list. I looked over the list, asked a bunch of questions, he answered them, and we refined the parts list a few times. If I asked a question about a part they didn't usually use he was not afraid to say I'll have to get back to you on that. I was not directed to a canned, one size fits all package. I felt like I got to design my motor from the ground up to be exactly what I wanted using the experience at SME to ensure I would get the result I expected. 


For the machining and physically attaching the motor to the Dyno we were with Mitch. There was an explanation why it was being done, a demonstration, and then I was allowed to run the machines. All the processes were explained and there was no black magic or hidden shop secrets. How to check and adjust clearances for mains, rods, rings, you name it, it was explained. I'd do 1 or 2 with them, then be left to finish without someone hovering over my shoulder micromanaging what I was doing. However if I had a question someone was always right there. When we were putting the engine on the Dyno Mitch also explained what wires I'd need to add or were unnecessary due to the setup I'd have in the car. 


For assembly and operating the Dyno we were with Steve.  The assembly was straight forward with nothing cosmic about it. Just another day for them (even though for me it is a high power motor it was very tame compared to other motors they build). Steve took the time to explain the software my setup would be using, what he looks for and how to tune it. He did a few warm-up runs and then let me run the Dyno and adjust the tune. Steve also showed me how he reads the plugs to see what the motor is saying not just relying on the computer.  I got to keep all the data-logs and corresponding Dyno data so when I get the engine installed in my car I know x change in boost is y change in power. 


To say I was pleased with the outcome is an understatement. I wanted a motor that would do it all and not be only a dragstrip motor. What I got was a motor that on very low boost for daily driving has a torque curve that is basically flat for 4,000 RPM and as much power as my tires can hope to handle when just driving to work. Throw some boost at it for the strip and it makes more than enough power to go as fast as the cage will be certified to. I can't wait to get this in the car and get on the road and track.


The only negative about the entire experience was learning that Axel passed away a week after we were there which brought tears to Michelle's cheeks. He reminded Michelle and I of a dog that we had had. It was Axel that made Michelle feel right at home when we first arrived. We both enjoyed petting him and tossing his ball. The shop won't be the same without him. We are sorry for your loss.


Matthew Hought 


As far as feedback for you I'd say the only detractors were having to hunt up a couple bolts or make some work (rocker bolts). I know there were a couple things we had issues with for accessories and a seal but that was all handled well and is harder to predict.