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You Build It Series.

Do you want to build your own engine, but you don't know where to start?

Do want to save some money! There is NO extra charge for doing a You Build It Series. 

Introducing our new "You Build It Series!"

These are Complete Engine Packages that you assemble yourself! When we say complete we mean complete! Imagine a complete engine that is ready to go on the dyno or in your car all taken apart then packaged up and sent to you. 

What you get, complete competition machining of all engine parts. Heads are assembled for you and every bearing clearance is checked. Every component is ready for final clean and assembly! Every nut, bolt, gasket, cover, clamp, everything you need! Then we also send you the complete power adder system, complete EFI system and we will even have the tune in the ECU for you. you will literally be able to lay out your parts, assemble the engine, bolt on your power adder, wire up your EFI and start the engine and race!

Last but not least you will get a full video of how to build your engine (not A engine but YOUR engine step by step). We start right at putting the crank in all the way to degreeing the cam and lashing the valves. Then Power adder and EFI. ( I do not cover how to wire the EFI but I do cover how to set it up with crank and cam sync) 

These Complete Engines Parts Package are currently available in:

-LS 1000 HP Turbo & Supercharger

-LS 1200+ Single Turbo Engine 

-BBC 1200HP Turbo & Supercharger

If you would like more information on these Kits Please contact by phone, 231-747-7520, Or by emailing us!