Looking to add some modern muscle to your older MOPAR?  STEVE MORRIS ENGINES is pleased to offer the first of its GEN III HEMI engine packages!  Available as a supercharged or turbocharged combination, we have upgraded the engine's internals to handle the stresses of forced induction use - up to 1,100hp!

  • Fully-forged rotating assembly
  • INNOVATORS WEST custom harmonic balancer
  • Custom SME camshaft design (application-specific)
  • ARP main and head studs
  • Upgraded rocker arm tubes
  • Custom SME-spec valvetrain components
  • Custom heavy-wall pushrods
  • MLS head gaskets
  • KING bearings
  • All machining, porting, blending done in-house
  • Fuel Injector Clinic fuel injectors (application-specific)
  • HOLLEY DOMINATOR EFI system with DBW controls
  • Includes ALT, P/S, Water Pump, and A/C
  • Includes full engine dyno calibration on 92-octane pump gas (other fuels available as well)

Turn-key supercharged combinations starting from $37,999 plus shipping

Many options available!  Call or email for more information!