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This engine package is based off of our LSFree / Budget Brawler engine build.  It features all of the machining, parts, and EFI system that is proven to make over 900 to 1000 on 93-octane pump gas  This is perfect for your weekend warrior or street/strip muscle car.  

(( Engine in video shown with optional upgrades ))

This package will include the following items:

  • New GM LS3/L92 Aluminum Engine Block
  • New GM LS3/L92 Crankshaft 3.622" Stroke
  • SME 4340  6.125" Connecting Rods with ARP2000 bolts
  • CP-Carrillo BULLET-Series 2618-alloy forged piston package
  • Melling HV oil pump
  • RollMaster billet timing chain upgrade with true IWIS chain (NOT a off-shore knock-off!)
  • New GM LS3 Cylinder Heads with Upgraded Dual Valve Springs, upgraded valves, and our LS Trunnion Bushing kit
  • SME proven Turbo Custom-Grind Hydraulic-Roller Camshaft
  • SME custom 5/16 hardened pushrods
  • ARP main and head studs
  • MLS Cylinder Head Gaskets
  • Brand New GM water pump and harmonic balancer
  • Drive-By-Wire Throttle Pedal and TB
  • All engine sensors
  • New GM Ignition Coil Packs and plug wires
  • Holley DOMINATOR EFI system with integrated boost controls and DBW
  • SME Single Turbo Hooker header kit - included 75 to 83mm SME turbocharger, TurboSmart 60mm wastegate, and TurboSmart BOV (intercooler optional)
  • Upgraded 1000cc/min fuel injectors
  • Competition machining and engine assembly
  • Engine dyno calibration on pump gas

This engine package will include an aftermarket EFI system as standard to allow for full engine control and the best driving characteristics possible.  Most other suppliers of turn-key engine packages will use out-of-date MEFI ECM's and harnesses that do NOT allow the engine to make fueling or timing changes when running, nor will they allow for any needed changes with varying altitude.  Some also use a factory GM ECU and harness.  The HOLLEY EFI system will allow you a wide array of options down the road - such as traction control, integrated boost control, up to 5 stages of nitrous control, GM 4L60/4L80e trans control, the ability to run most any fuel injector available in the world, water/methanol injecton, etc.  This will not only help the power output, but it will also help to maximize the fuel mileage!  The Holley DOMINATOR EFI features full datalogging capabilities, and an optional color touch-screen display.  We DO NOT use any remanufactured or junk-yard parts for our build.  This is all brand-new components.

Give us a call to discuss the many different combinations available.  

Complete single turbocharged engine packages starting from $27,995 plus shipping - includes a full day of engine dyno calibration

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