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2,000+Hp Custom LS-Based Engines

SME Custom LS-Based All Aluminum Engine  - 2,000+hp

When you are looking for a very-high horsepower LS-based engine build, trust in the experts here at STEVE MORRIS ENGINES!  We have designed and built some of the most powerful and reliable combinations available anywhere.

Here is a small sample of the many combinations we offer. We will be putting more of the combos here as we have time this is NOT all we offer.   We also offer a variety of upgrade kits for the do-it-yourself mechanic or performance engine builder, call or email for any proven combos and kits you may need, we are adding to the store continually.

Base package will include the following items:

  • Dart LS Next PRO 6 Bolt Block Or Billet Aluminum Block
  • Callie's 4.00" Stroke Crankshaft
  • Custom Rods
  • SME Custom Piston's
  • Dry Sump System
  • Jesel Belt Drive
  • Mast Cylinder Heads or Heads to match the Billet Block
  • Steve Morris Engines Custom-Grind Hydraulic-Roller Camshaft
  • Steve Morris Engines custom 1/2" 0.120"-wall hardened pushrods
  • 1/2" Head Studs
  • O-Rings and Copper Gasket
  • Crower/Jesel Rocker Arms
  • Innovators West/Romac Balancer
  • Billet Intake Manifold with Throttle Body
  • Competition Machining and Engine Assembly
  • Enclosed engine crate and engine stand

We are eager to help you with your build. Please call or email us for a quote on your project, or check out our online store as it is growing with more products.

ENGINE PACKAGES:  Call or Email for a quote on any of these packages below or any option you do not see. LS1, LS2, LS6, LS7, LS9

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