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2,000+Hp Top Sportsman Engine

SME BBC Top Sportsman Engine Package - 2,000+hp

Our TOP SPORTSMAN engine packages are designed to be a very-powerful yet low-maintenance alternative to big-inch nitrous engines.  This engine can be custom-configured to fit many classes as needed.  If you are tired of the nitrous routine, this is your engine combination!

Spend more time racing instead of wrenching! These engines feature:                                                                                                                                                                                

  • Premium forged crankshaft, aluminum rods, and our premium piston package for big boost
  • Available with cast iron, aluminum, or billet aluminum block
  • Steve Morris-designed custom camshaft
  • Custom CNC ported cylinder heads, titanium valves, shaft-mounted rocker system, etc.
  • Premium bearingless solid-roller lifters and custom heavy-wall pushrods
  • Various custom intake manifold options available
  • Available as wet-sump or dry-sump oiling system
  • Available with a centrifugal supercharger or turbocharger for the power-adder
  • Custom-configured FUELTECH or HOLLEY EFI with integral data acquisition and high-powered ignition system
  • Custom fuel system with matching fuel filter, boost-referenced regulator, and pump
  • Complete custom machining, competition engine assembly, and engine dyno calibration

Many options available for this engine combination.  Please contact us to design an engine around your exact requirements.


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Shown with optional upgrades


Shown with optional upgrades