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   Steve Morris Engines is and has been the absolute leader and innovator in boosted engine development. 15 years ago we were doing blow through carb engines while the others were still wasting time with nitrous engines!

   Here is our rock solid 540 cube capable of 1500 HP. It features high-quality parts that have been proven through years of use at the track, on the street, and on our in-house engine dyno.  This combination is highly configurable to fit your specific needs, so if you want to do it as a turbo engine let us know and we can work that out for you. And if you want to do this in EFI that is of course available.  ( upgrade)

  • 4.500 Bore x 4.250 Stroke
  • 9.5-1 CR 1200-1500 COMPLETE Engine
  • Dart Big "M" Block w/Splayed Nodular Caps
  • Molnar Crankshaft 4.250" Stroke
  • Standard Crank Snout
  • Molnar 6.385" H-Beam Rods w/ARP Bolts
  • CP Carrilo / Diamond  Bullet Series Blower Style Pistons
  • AP steel Top Ring package
  • Engine Pro"H" Series Main & Rod Bearings
  • Internally Balanced
  • S.M.E Custom roller cam and lifters
  • Billet True Roller timing Set
  • Cloyes 2 Piece Timing Cover
  • Innovators West Balancer 
  • Dart or Brodix aluminum heads as cast
  • Severe Duty Stainless Intake Valves
  • Severe Duty Stainless Exhaust Valves
  • Spring Package to Match the Cam
  • 10° Steel Retainers
  • Crower Shaft Mount Roller Rockers
  • S.M.E  7/16" Pushrods
  • Cometic MLS Head Gaskets
  • ARP Head Studs
  • HV Oil Pump w/Welded Pickup
  • 8 Quart Street/Strip Stroker Pan
  • ProCharger F2 Serpentine kit 
  • Edelbrock EFI Intake Manifold with Billet Elbow and Throttle Body
  • Holley Dominator EFI System w/ Wiring Harnesses, Injectors and Sensors
  • Coil Near Plug Ignition System 
  • Complete Engine Dyno tested and tuned with a video of your engine being tuned.

Starting From $39,995 complete!!