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LS Rocker Arm Trunnion Bushing Upgrade Kit
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LS Rocker Arm Trunnion Bushing Upgrade KitLS Rocker Arm Trunnion Bushing Upgrade Kit

LS Rocker Arm Trunnion Bushing Upgrade Kit

Price: $199.99

LS Rocker Arm Retrofit Trunnion Kit

This brand new retrofit trunnion kit is designed to convert stock, needle bearing LS cast rocker arms into high strength, bronze bushed trunnion configuration for high RPM and endurance racing applications. The factory LS rocker arms are light, have a low moment of inertia but fall short with the use of uncaged needle bearings in the fulcrum. The proven bronze bushing design used in high RPM solid roller lifters has now been incorporated into the valvetrain system and used to improve the factory LS rocker arms. This bushing kit has been designed to increase the durability and load capacity of a factory rocker arm and eliminate the failure prone needle bearings.

Engineered to provide maximum lubrication to the trunnion while also providing maximum load capabilities through the rotational sequence. This solid bushing design gives the LS racing world peace of mind with no chance of needle bearing rollers falling into the engine. The proprietary bushing material is fed lubrication with a machined oil channel at the eleven and one o'clock positions of the trunnion's pivot. This machined channel constantly feeds oil to the bushing surface and trunnion ensuring proper lubrication which is unlike needle bearing trunnions that have to rely on oil searching its way into the needles.

The greater surface area of the solid bushing design will also support nearly three hundred times the load of what a caged needle bearing will due to the fact that only three to four needles on the bottom of the race are carrying the entire load during cycling. There is also a side benefit that there is NO CHANCE of any loose needle bearings destroying the engine when using much more aggressive camshaft profiles and severe duty valve springs if a factory rocker bearing fails.

100% designed and engineered in America. 

The kit includes the modified trunnion, bronze bushings and C-Clips and can be used with the stock or ARP rocker arm bolts. Fits all OEM LS cast rockers, LS1, LS2, LS3, LS6 and LS7.

Keep your valvetrain reliable and stable throughout the entire RPM range when you install one of these GM LS rocker arm bearing upgrade kits.


* 16 rocker arm modified trunnions
* 32 rocker arm bronze bushings
* 32 rocker arm retaining rings

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