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Jesel KPS-2102122 Pro-Series Rocker Kit for LS3 Heads

Jesel KPS-2102122 Pro-Series Rocker Kit for LS3 Heads

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Jesel KPS-2102122 J2K Pro-Series Rocker Kit for GM LS3/L92/L76 Casting Heads

Introduced in 1999 primarily for the NASCAR circuit and currently available for limited applications, Jesel’s Pro J2K Series is a lightweight, high-end alternative to our standard Pro Series line.

All J2K rockers are manufactured from a custom blend, shotpeen finished 7000 series aluminum for durability and cycle life needed at elevated operating temperatures experienced in endurance racing. The use of this material in conjunction with the dual diameter modular shaft provides for an extremely lightweight yet rigid rocker arm. This unique shaft design allows the Jesel engineers to use a .562” O.D. shaft bearing to increase the critical bearing strap area needed to reduce body deflection. This same shaft also allows for .750” diameter clamping area and provides enough room for a 7/16” mounting stud to securely fasten the rocker to the mounting stand.

J2K rockers come standard with a .250” needle nose roller and can be fitted with our Tool Steel Ball Adjuster which adds over .100” worth of critical thread area.

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