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(Piston and ring packs)

Steve's development of dish/dome piston profiles continues.  As can be seen by the pictures on this site we use a multitude of crown designs, flat tops, inverted domes, spherical dish, conical dish, button dish and a round dish.  Different engines respond differently to the quench area we give it, the most noted is the BBCHRY's.  As with most all of our items we sell, it comes from the school of hard knocks, there was a problem, we work to find the solution, we test it, then we sell it.

The other thing you will see in our pistons is they are hard anodized.  This is the same procedure done to the Nitro pistons, it makes the pistons very tough and it is NOT a coating like ceramic or Teflon skirts.  Minor misses in your tune that would have lifted a ring land are totally eliminated. Skirts are less likely to collapse and won't scuff, unless your tune is so far out in right field you can't be seen.

Third thing is the ring pack.  We sell all our pistons with Total Seal steel tops, Napier seconds and varying oil rings.  Depending on the application, we may use a Dykes ring, 1/16 std style ring, .043" in the tops.  Radial wall thickness may vary too, but in general we are looking for a bullet proof ring pack so standard D-wall will apply in most cases.


Fourth we only use H-13 pins.  No standard cheap pins that come with off-the-shelf pistons.

If you want the right pistons, the right crown design, and the right ring pack, you need Steve Morris Engines.


All of our piston packages come standard with hard anodized coating, H-13 Tool Steel Pins and total seal ring packages.


Custom piston kits start from $2249 for most applications.  They are tailored to each individual application, so no off-the-shelf items here!  Please contact us for a custom piston form to fill out for your quote!



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