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CP Carrillo BLT-1000-STD LT1 Pistons

CP Carrillo BLT-1000-STD LT1 Pistons

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Bore/Rod Length/Compression Depth/Dish:

CP Carrillo BLT-1000-STD LT1 Pistons

CP-Carrillo Bullet pistons are designed specifically to fit 2014-2016 LT1 direct injection LS engines. Pistons are proudly made in the USA from 2618 forgings and are suitable for nitrous oxide Superchargers or Turbos. Pistons feature special skirt design for low piston noise, 1.5mm steel gas nitride top ring, 1.5mm Napier second ring, 3.0mm oil ring and include .927 x 2.250 pins with .180 wall standard. Made for direct injection.


- Piston Style: Dome

- VR Depths: .180/.200

- Forged 2618

- Bore: 4.065

- Stroke: 3.622" 

- Rod Length: 6.125:"

- Comp. Height: 1.300"

- Piston CC: +6cc

- Pin: .927" x 2.250"

- Set of 8

**will not work with factory tapered rod. Made for direct injection.

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