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DART 9-34640006125-8 Billet CCW Crankshaft

DART 9-34640006125-8 Billet CCW Crankshaft

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dart 9-34640006125-8 billet cCW crankshaft - 4" stroke

As reported by Engine Labs during PRI 2015, Dart has been working on a billet crankshaft that is a pretty substantial departure in LS crankshaft design.

A Gen I small-block casting has a measurement of 19.25-inches between from front main cap to rear cap, while the LS Next has 17.50-inches at the same dimension, a difference of 1.75-inch (see photo). Apparently, that has been gnawing at the Dart folks for some time.

Here's what Engine Labs reported: “Somewhere, we’re missing that much counterweight in the front and the rear of the block. Without center counterweighting, and without any front and rear counterweight, we have a problem,” says Maskin (Dart President).

“That’s where our new fully-counterweighted billet crankshaft comes in. It comes in 4.000-inch stroke at this moment, with an LS1 or LS7 snout. This fills the gap between the cheaper cranks — which work to a decent, 800-900 horsepower level naturally-aspirated — and works in those power-adder engines that don’t need a Sonny Bryant or Winberg crank yet."

*Will only fit LS-Next block*

- 8 counterweights
- Long and short snouts available
- Heavy duty rod cheeks
- Small hole through the rod pin
- Rough balanced @ 1780 grams
- No mallory required
- 4340 Billet
- 4.000” stroke

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