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CP Carrillo BCLSXC-612571 Rods 6.125"

CP Carrillo BCLSXC-612571 Rods 6.125"

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CP Carrillo BCLSX-612571 Connecting Rod 6.125"

CP-Carrillo Bullet 6.125 long LS Chevy Rods is designed to handle up to 1200hp and 8500rpm in drag race applications and the 6.350 is designed to handle up to 1300hp at 8000rpm and 30psi, and the LSX rod is capable of handling 1500hp and 8500 rpm and 30psi. Rods are manufactured in the USA out of 4330m steel forgings to enable proper grain flow and guarantee removal of any surface inclusions, CP-Carrillo ensures strength and durability of each CP-Carrillo Bullet rod. Consistent and reliable from the first point of precision manufacturing all the way to extreme uses in racing world; custom designed fasteners; 100% traceability; multi-step final inspection; CP-Carrillo moly based fastener lubrication included.

- I-Beam

- Forged 4330M Steel

- Center to Center: 6.125" 

- Rod Journal: 2.100" 

- Big End Bore: 2.2250" 

- Big End Width: .941"

- Pin End Width: .945"

- Wrist Pin Bore: .927"

- Cap Screw: 7/16"

- Set of 8

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