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Isky EZ-ROLL MAX Lifter
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Isky EZ-ROLL MAX LifterIsky EZ-ROLL MAX Lifter

Isky EZ-ROLL MAX Lifter

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For your environment, needles are old news! At ISKY, we’ve proven that the future of roller lifter development is completely NEEDLE FREE!

The revolutionary new EZ-ROLL bearing option is exclusive for Isky Red-Zone Roller Lifters

EZ-ROLL “needle-free” roller bearings solve the age old dilemma of needle bearing overload. Although needle roller bearings perform well in light to moderately heavy load applications, the often extreme loading demands of “all out” drag, pro-street, continuous operation endurance and offshore marine application shave long required a better performing alternative. Solution: ISKY’S proprietary solid bearing raceway EZ-ROLL Bearing! Spintron and field test proven over the past 8 years, EZ-ROLL bearings carry far greater loads. Their advanced needle-free design and greater surface area to load distribution footprint deliver a solid 350% higher load rating! EZ-ROLL ,... because needles are really old news!

Upgraded Epsilon-ZMAX Solid Bearing Raceway Material; an “ultra” low friction, high-tech alternative to needles. Ideal for the most extreme loading environments:

•High boost turbo, high HP nitrous &blown gas/alcohol

•Offshore marine & all-out, normally aspirated applications EZ-MAX is recommended for ANY .842,.904 or 937 dia. lifter installed with over 400lbs. seat and 950-1,300 lbs. valve open spring force.

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