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Callies BBC Compstar Crankshaft

Callies BBC Compstar Crankshaft

Price: $1,199.00
Sale Price: $1,069.00
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Callies BBC Compstar Crankshaft

Drawing from the deep history of experience at Callies, our Compstar engineers have been able to combine the best characteristics of performance crankshaft design into the Compstar “Compweight” for Big Block Chevy applications Produced from 4340 material that is triple heat treated and stress relieved during machining. Compstar BBC Compweights will remain true during severe duty use.

All Compstar Compweights are center counterweighted for reduced bearing loads during high RPM use. Machined with .125 journal radii and conventional straight shot oiling, these cranks offer simple durability. With all 4 rod journals drilled, Compstar BBC Compweight cranks weigh in at 75lbs or less. Compweights are fully deep case nitrided.

* Average Weight for 4.500 in. Stroke Balanced to 2350g Bob. = 72 lbs
* 8 Counterweight Design
* All Rod Journals Lightened
* Limited Stroke Availability ( see below )
* Heat Treatment = Nitride Case

Mains: 2.750"

Pins: 2.200"

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