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1,000hp SBC Complete Short-Block (Turbo or Supercharger)

Short and Long-Block Combinations

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1,000hp SBC Complete Short-Block (Turbo or Supercharger)

SBC- Based Assembly (Complete)

1,000hp Supercharged or up to 1300hp Turbocharged

This STEVE MORRIS ENGINES 400-CID small-block Chevy short-block is a great way for you to start your engine build with the right parts!  Unlike competitors, we include the correct combination of parts (not hide them as "extras" that you have to select) for best results.  Here is a little bit about what you will be getting.

Our SBC short-blocks start with a brand-new DART Little M block  machined and balanced in-house to our specifications.  We align-hone and final hone with our torque-plate to ensure proper ring seal and optimal performance.  

Our short-blocks feature CP BULLET-series forged 4.125" piston package in -20.5cc dish.  These pistons are designed to accommodate most aftermarket cylinder heads and valve configuration. The CP BULLET piston sets listed are 2618 forgings and feature lowered ring lands to accommodate boosted applications.  All CP BULLET-series pistons will use a 1.5mm/1.5mm/3.0mm ring pack with a gas-nitrited steel top ring and Napier second ring.  
For connecting rods, we use a quality forged steel H-beam using ARP2000 bolts - proven to over 1,000hp.  
For a crankshaft, we use a Callies Dragon Slayer Crankshaft We will balance in-house to our specifications, and use H-series bearings throughout.  

Custom builds are available!

We offer multiple brands of connecting rods and crankshafts to suit any type of application. Every engine will come standard with the necessary oil and coolant plugs already installed in the block.  They will have H-series bearings throughout and a FEL-PRO rear main seal.  This price includes us assembling the short-block for you as well!

All engines will ship via truck freight in a small enclosed crate, so if are purchasing online the shipping costs listed will NOT be correct!  We will contact you with a shipping cost after your order has been placed.  All prices listed do not include the applicable shipping costs!

The average build time will normally take three to four weeks once all parts are in our shop. This is only an estimate since circumstances and wait times will vary.  Please give us a call for an accurate, up-to-date time quote.

*Comprehensive Parts List Below*

  • Dart Little M Block
  • CP-Carrillo Bullet Piston Kit w/ Upgraded wrist pins
  • Forged 4340 H-Beam Rods w/ l-19 Bolts
  • Callies Dragon Slayer Crankshaft
  • King, Main and Rod Bearings
  • Fel-Pro Rear Main Seal
  • Frost plugs, Cam bearings, dowel pins
  • Custom SME Camshaft for your application
  • Premium Billet Timing Chain System
  • Melling Oil-pump & Stef's Oil Pan
  • Timing Cover w/ Billet Pointer
  • Romac Balancer
  • All block Machining, Debur, Paint, Install, Rotating Assembly

Part #: 1263

Price: $10,999.00

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