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PAC KS-Series LS Spring Kit - Complete

Valve Springs

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PAC KS-Series LS Spring Kit - Complete

PAC KS-Series Complete LS Valve Spring Kit

PAC Racing Hot Rod Series valve spring kits offer the engine builder and hot rod builder a mild upgrade or replacement for their hot rod. They're available as complete packages that allow for an entire valvetrain rebuild or upgrade. The included valve springs are available in a variety of spring rates and diameters to accommodate your specific engine and camshaft profile. The kits also feature matching retainers, valve locks, valve stem seals, and valve spring locator cups.

Kit Number Max Lift Application Spring Retainer Seat Lock Stem Seal
   PAC-KS06  0.625 LS Engine      PAC-1904  PAC-R435  PAC-S135  PAC-L8113  PAC-SEAL102  
   PAC-KS07 0.650  LS Engine  PAC-1905 PAC-R435  PAC-S135  PAC-L8113  PAC-SEAL102  
   PAC-KS11  0.625 LS Engine      PAC-1904  PAC-R335   PAC-S129  OE  PAC-SEAL102  
   PAC-KS13  0.625 LS Engine       PAC-1219 PAC-R311  PAC-S111  PAC-L8113  PAC-SEAL102  
PAC-KS14 0.600 LS Engine PAC-1218 PAC-R311 PAC-S111 PAC-L8113 PAC-SEAL102
PAC-KS15 0.625 LS Engine PAC-1904 PAC-R335 PAC-S129 PAC-L8113 PAC-SEAL102
PAC-KS16 0.650 LS Engine PAC-1905 PAC-R335 PAC-S129 PAC-L8113 PAC-SEAL102
PAC-KS17 0.625 LS Engine PAC-1904 PAC-R435 PAC-S129 PAC-L8113 PAC-SEAL102
PAC-KS18 0.650 LS Engine PAC-1904 PAC-R435 PAC-S129 PAC-L8113 PAC-SEAL102
PAC-KS19 0.625 LS Engine PAC-1904 PAC-R435 PAC-S129 PAC-L8113 PAC-SEAL100-101
PAC-KS20 0.650 LS Engine PAC-1905 PAC-R435 PAC-S129 PAC-L8113 PAC-SEAL100-101
PAC-KS21 0.600 LS Engine PAC-1218X PAC-R311 PAC-S111 PAC-L8113 PAC-KS102
  PAC-KS22  0.625 LS Engine PAC-1219X  PAC-R311  PAC-S111  PAC-L8113  PAC-SEAL102  
  PAC-KS35 0.700  LS Engine       PAC-1206X PAC-R435   PAC-S135  PAC-L8113  PAC-SEAL102 
   PAC-KS36 0.700  LS Engine      PAC-1207X  PAC-R435  PAC-S135  PAC-L8113   PAC-SEAL102 
  PAC-KS37 0.750 LS Engine PAC-1208X  PAC-R435  PAC-S135  PAC-L8113  PAC-SEAL102  
   PAC-KS38 0.750  LS Engine PAC-1209X  PAC-R435  PAC-S135  PAC-L8113  PAC-SEAL102  

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