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AFR 1690 LSX MONGOOSE 245 Cathedral Port Heads

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AFR 1690 LSX MONGOOSE 245 Cathedral Port Heads

AFR #1690 LSX MONGOOSE 245 Cathedral Port Heads

A tremendous amount of time and energy was invested to bring you our 245cc LS1/LS2/LS6 Gen III head what represents the pinnacle in cathedral design bolt on performance. With over 355 CFM's available it has intake flow numbers approaching GM's famed (and much larger) LS7 head with much stronger exhaust flow in comparison. This head is our take no prisoners LSX cathedral shaped offering and its focus is large displacement combinations (415 - 454 CID) with a minimum bore size of 4.000. It requires a head gasket bore of 4.200 or larger and comes standard equipped with lightweight 2.160 intake valves / 1.600 exhaust. Another unique feature of this head is that it is “solid roller friendly” having been designed and machined to accept larger .375 pushrods without additional clearancing (in most applications) and comes direct from the factory with 1.570 spring pockets (Note: Under no condition can these pockets be machined deeper). With an aggressive set-up this head is capable of producing power in the 700 HP range while still providing gobs of low and midrange torque. It is still a factory direct bolt on with standard length valves, stock valve train geometry, and everything in their respective OEM locations. It of course comes standard equipment with AFR's trademark 3/4” head deck and the same rugged castings found in the rest of the AFR LSX line up. Make sure you’re packing lots of displacement to fully realize the benefits this head can offer you and hang on when its time to go WOT!


Hydraulic roller cams in "LS" Gen III engines typcially experience valve float at 6600-6800 RPM's. If you are using aftermarket rocker arms valve float will become prominent and AFR highly recommends upgrading to our #8019 spring. If you plan on running over .600 gross valve lift and/or 6600 RPM, AFR suggests you upgrade your springs to AFR part #8019. Our upgrade spring has higher seat and open pressures (155/410+) to better reduce the risk of valve float in more aggressive applications.

Part #: 1211

Price: $2,799.95
Sale Price: $2,700.00

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