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1000+hp LS3/L92 Complete Long-Block

Short and Long-block Combinations

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1000+hp LS3/L92 Complete Long-Block

376 or 416 C.I.D. GM Aluminum LS3-Based Long-Block - 1,000+hp (supercharged or turbocharged)

This STEVE MORRIS ENGINES LS3-based long-block is a great way for you to enter into the world of forced inductions with the right parts!  Unlike competitors, we include the correct combination of parts (not hide them as "extras" that you have to select) for best results.  Here is a little bit about what you will be getting.

Our LS3-based long-blocks start with a brand-new GMPP LS3 aluminum block, machined and balanced in-house to our specifications.  We align-hone and final hone with our torque-plate to ensure proper ring seal and optimal performance.  

Our short-blocks feature CP BULLET-series forged 4.065" piston package in -27cc dish.  These pistons are designed to accommodate LS1, LS2, LS6, L92, LS3, LS7, and most aftermarket cylinder heads and valve configuration. The CP BULLET piston sets listed are 2618 forgings and feature lowered ring lands to accommodate boosted applications.  All CP BULLET-series pistons will use a 1.2mm/1.2mm/3.0mm ring pack with a gas-nitrited steel top ring and Napier second ring.  As an alternative, we can substitute them for a set of our premium custom-designed pistons.  They would feature a hard anodizing, H-13 TREND wrist pins, TOATL SEAL piston rings, and Spirolox.
Depending on the displacement desired, we will utilize a good-quality forged H-beam connecting rod that features ARP2000 rod bolts.  These are the same ones we have used in the LS-FREE engine build, as well as numerous other forced induction builds.
For a crankshaft, we can either use a brand-new factory GM 58X nodular-iron crankshaft, or upgrade to a SCAT forged full-weight 6-bolt flange crankshaft.  Regardless of your choice, we will balance in-house to our specifications.  

From this point, we add a premium ROLLMASTER single-roller timing system with billet IWIS chain (the BEST in the industry) and a custom-designed hydraulic-roller camshaft for your application (turbo or supercharged).  We fill the bottom-end with a Melling billet oil pump, GM oil pan and pickup, ARP main studs, and LS3 timing cover and balancer.


This long-block comes standard with a brand-new set of GM LS3 cylinder heads.  We upgrade the valves, valve springs, and rocker arm trunnion bushings to handle the power for the long haul.  We install a custom set of 11/32" TREND 0.120" heavy-wall pushrods and use a proven set of brand-new GM hydraulic roller lifters.  The heads hold on to the MLS gaskets by way of a set of ARP 12-point head studs.  We add the valley plate, and your long-block is ready!  This is NOT a stripped-down long-block that you will have to nickle-and-dime parts onto - it is complete!

Custom builds are available. If you need something more custom or for a higher horsepower level, please call us to discuss.

It is vital to note that we do NOT start with ANY seasoned or junkyard parts.  We use only 100% brand-new OEM parts.  We do not rely on vendors to do machining for us - we do it ourselves in-house.  We hand-file all the rings right here, set all the clearances as we deem them necessary, and install and torque everything properly.  When comparing other volume engine shops to ours, take the time to note how much time they will spend on the telephone with you BEFORE you make a purchase!  We pride ourselves with making sure you are getting EXACTLY what you need for your project!

We offer a 2% discount if you pay via a cashier's check or wire transfer.  All engines will ship via truck freight in a small enclosed crate, so if are purchasing online the shipping costs listed will NOT be correct!  We will contact you with a shipping cost after your order has been placed.  All prices listed do not include the applicable shipping costs!

The average build time will normally take three to four weeks once all parts are in our shop. This is only an estimate since circumstances and wait times will vary.  Please give us a call for an accurate, up-to-date time quote. 

Part #: 921-1

Price: $14,999.00
Sale Price: $13,479.00
Displacement Desired?:
Reluctor Wheel:
Piston package?:
Connecting rods?:
Camshaft Type?:

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