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SMX Engine Packages


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SMX Engine Packages
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SMX Engine PackagesSMX Engine PackagesSMX Engine Packages
SMX Engine PackagesSMX Engine PackagesSMX Engine Packages

Rock solid, bullet proof, proven design now with water jackets for all applications that need water cooling! 

MASSIVE Amounts of Water in the SMX Block

MASSIVE Amounts of Water in the SMX Heads 

Splayed cap design to add strength from bulk head

Oil drain back ports in the block for heads and turbos

Multiple lifter options available 

All Common 481X valve train fits 

In January 2018 I decided I needed to build the first fully water jacketed all billet engine that could utilize all the rock solid proven parts of the 481X! After 1 1/2 years of development I am proud to release the SMX engine. 

This Engine uses all of the 481X common parts like valve train, cranks, sleeves, cams, lifters, intakes, gear drives, everything, all the readily available parts the ProMod guys use and have on hand.

You must use our block and heads as a package because the head studs have been moved in comparison to a 481x to make space for the water jackets.

1) Blocks and heads available for your engine builder to finish

2) Complete Super Charged engine packages available 

3) Complete Turbo Charged engine packages available 

4) N/A and N2O combos also available 

Call 231-747-7520 for you specific pricing 

Blocks start @ $14,500 Finished machined

Heads Start @ $8,800 machined ready to assemble

Complete engines Intake to oil pan Start at $75,000

Part #: 25415

Price: $0.00
Please Call for Availability !

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